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정병준소장 DirectorJeong, Byeong Joon
Our orchard research center located in most southern regions in the Korean Peninsula is institute mainly researching about tropical orchard and naturally growing resource plants in southern coast and islands of Korea.
For a long time, we improve superial viriety of chinese gooseberry of 「Daehong 」 「Chiak」 「Silk」 「Bidan」 「Haegeum」 and so on to response to foreign variety.
Now, we realize about becoming wealthy rural community and coming back region of second generations of regional farmers from the development and diffusion of fig box cultivation and high quality cultivation under structure of 「Shiranuhi」 Mandarin.

We will develop new niche economic crops through cultivation research of tropical orchard of Mango, Attemoya and Guava, developing superior breeding lines to pharmacological and outstanding functional evergreen fruit tree, Japanese medlar, and developing products using the funtional ingredients, pot cultivation research of having good flavor and ornamental value to a 「fingered citron」.
Citrus medica var. chirocarpus, and naturally growing orchard, Ficus erecta Thunb, in the warm temperate zone, Japanese staunton vine, Vaccinium bracteatum Thunb and Highbush blueberry income effect research, also.

Loving our region and agriculture everyone!
Now we faced to globalization of trade, but we be with consumer thinking, concerning and loving our regional produce.

All farmers and consumers live together and provide safety and high-quality foods on right price. We do the best that our institution will become light of hope to famers.